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Rear-End Crash Prevention in Wilmington Using Warning Systems

Wilmington auto accident attorneyDrivers throughout Blue Point, Carolina Place, Forest Cove, Forest Hills and the rest of the Wilmington area may wish to have a collision prevention system in their vehicles. Certain crash prevention systems can reduce the risk of rear-end accidents by more than 80 percent and can increase the severity of a rear-end accident by more than 95 percent.

A rear-end accident lawyer knows that rear-end accidents are a very real concern for drivers. According to a UNC study, rear-end crashes made up anywhere from 27.5 to 43.2 percent of all car crashes on the roads in different states throughout the U.S. Drivers need to be aware of the dangers and should embrace all potential approaches to reducing these types of crashes, including both technological solutions and efforts to improve motorist safety.

What Types of Collision Warning Systems are Most Effective at Preventing Rear-End Accidents?

There are different types of crash warning systems installed in vehicles to alert drivers to the potential of a rear-end accident. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has taken a close look at different systems to determine whether early warning systems are a better solution than late warning systems.

Early warning systems were found to reduce the risk of a rear-end accident by 80.7 percent. Late warning systems, on the other hand, had the effect of reducing the risk of collisions by around 50 percent.

Drivers who received early warnings had more time to adopt strategies to avoid a collision and were able to decelerate more slowly. This is important because when a car brakes or slows too fast to avoid hitting something in front of him, that motorist could end up getting rear-ended himself.

Late warning systems were more effective than having no collision warning system at all. Late warning systems were able to reduce the chances of crashes happening by around 50 percent.

Early warning systems were not just more effective at reducing the number of crashes but also had a more significant impact on reducing crash severity. An early warning system reduced the severity of a crash by 96.5 percent. A late warning system only reduced crash severity by 87.5 percent. This is because the earlier a driver was warned, the more the driver was able to slow the vehicle. A slower vehicle has less kinetic energy, so the force and impact of the rear-end accident is likely to be less severe than for a faster moving car.

While this data suggests a focus on early earning systems may be more beneficial to motorists, there is one pitfall to consider: the risk of false positives. When systems have a lot of false positive warnings, drivers may stop responding to the warnings and the system will become less effective overall at reducing collisions.

Technologies for crash prevention continue to improve and hopefully these systems will some day be able to significantly reduce or even eliminate the chances of a rear-end accident. Still, drivers remain ultimately responsible for collision prevention and need to pay careful attention and do what they can to stop a crash from happening.

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