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Holidays Can Bring Motorcycle Accidents & Other Crashes in Wilmington

Wilmington motorcycle accident attorneyThe summer holiday season is fast approaching, with Memorial Day, Labor Day, and the Fourth of July all coming up over the summer season. The summer holiday season should be a time for fun and relaxation; unfortunately, however, car accidents can be more likely to happen whenever people are on a break from their normal routine and are celebrating a holiday.  Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Fourth of July are prime times for drunk driving on the road, both because people travel for entertainment and because people tend to drink alcohol and sometimes drive drunk during these holidays.


WITN reported in the past on elevated death rates during holiday periods. One report addressed dangers of accidents over the Thanksgiving weekend holiday. According to the report, there were 14 people killed in vehicle accidents over the long holiday weekend. One of the victims was a motorcycle rider who was thrown from his bike when it rear-ended another motorcycle. He was 22. The other motorcyclist was not hurt, but was charged with driving under the influence.

The accident shows how important it is for everyone - motorcycle riders, pedestrians, and drivers of passenger cars - to be especially cautious around the high-risk holiday times.

Summer Motorcycle Accident Risks

While the summer holidays are dangerous for everyone on the roads, the entire summer season is an especially high risk time for motorcycle riders in North Carolina. This is because the warm weather can result in more motorcyclists on the roads, at the same time as there are also more unsupervised teen drivers and more people traveling.

Motorcycles always account for a disproportionately high share of vehicles involved in crashes which cause fatalities or injuries, which makes the dangerous summer months especially high-risk.

In 2013, motorcycles accounted for three percent of all registered vehicles in the United States. They accounted for just .07 percent of all vehicle miles traveled nationwide. Despite the relatively low number of motorcycles and the relatively few miles motorcyclists drove, motorcyclists still accounted for 14 percent of people killed in traffic crashes in 2013 and accounted for four percent of people injured in car accidents.

Per registered vehicle in the United States, the fatality rate for motorcycle riders over the course of 2013 was actually six times greater than the fatality rate for people who were occupants in passenger cars at the time of a collision.  In other words, people in cars were much less likely to be killed if their car was in an accident, as compared with people on motorcycles.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also reports fatalities are 26 times greater in motorcycle accidents per vehicle miles traveled than the fatalities among occupants of passenger cars at the time of a crash. Motorcycle riders are also five times more likely to sustain injuries, compared with other drivers.

Both motorcyclists and driver should know how dangerous the roads can be when everyone doesn't follow best practices for safety.

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