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Wilmington Rear-End Accidents Often Cause Chain Reactions

Wilmington auto accident attorneyA three-vehicle rear-end car accident in North Carolina recently caused two motorists to sustain crash-related injuries. The motorists were in different vehicles at the time of the rear-end accident which harmed them.

Rear-end accidents, unfortunately, often involve multiple cars. The closer vehicles are packed together, the greater the likelihood the accident will end up involving more than just two separate passenger cars which collided. Unfortunately, more cars in the crash generally means there are a higher number of victims who are hurt in the crash.

When a multi-vehicle accident involves three or more cars, complicated questions can also be raised regarding liability. Normally, a driver who hits another car from behind is presumed to be negligent. If a driver is sitting on the road stopped at a light, however, and another driver strikes his back bumper and pushes him into the car in front, this can make it harder to make the case the driver sitting motionless was the direct cause of harm to those in the front car.

Rear-End Accidents are Often Multi-Vehicle Car Crashes

Rear-end accidents always involve at least two cars: the lead car which is hit and the vehicle following the lead car. This rear vehicle is the one typically presumed responsible. However, sometimes the driver of the rear vehicle will push the motorist in the lead vehicle into a third party which is in front of the lead vehicle. The initial rear-end crash can set off a chain reaction in high-traffic areas and/or in close quarters where there is little space between cars. In other words, one rear-end accident can lead like dominoes to many more.

In the recent North Carolina case, for example, the drivers were on the road when one motorist stopped for a traffic light at around 3:45. This stopped driver was struck by a 45-year-old man who was driving a tractor trailer. Journal-Patriot reports the driver of the tractor trailer has been charged with failing to reduce the speed of his vehicle to account for road conditions.

The impact of the tractor trailer crash sent the stopped car into the van of the motorist who was in front of the stopped driver's SUV. The SUV that was initially hit by the tractor trailer was declared a total loss according to a trooper responding to the crash scene. The minivan, which was hit by the SUV that had gotten trapped in the middle, sustained an estimated $6,000 in damage. The tractor-trailer that started the chain reaction ended up sustaining an estimated $18,000 in damage due to the accident.

The driver of the tractor-trailer and the company he works for could potentially be held liable for the damages both to the SUV and the van as well injury losses from motorists in both vehicles.  The crash victims who got hurt will need to prove the truck driver's actions were the direct cause of the injuries sustained in order to recover damages.

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