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If a defective product caused severe injuries to you or a loved one, you may be entitled to compensation under a product liability claim. Defective products cover a wide range. A defective product could be a toaster or a lamp that causes a severe shock or burn injury, a dangerous toy that harms your child or tainted food that makes you ill. A defect in your automobile that results in a car accident could be grounds for a product liability claim.  These are just a few examples of products that might be considered defective, unsafe or that fail to meet design, construction or performance standards.

The lawyers at the Law Offices of Richard Flexner may be able to help you get the full compensation you deserve. We handle product liability cases throughout North Carolina. Each case is unique. Don't try to handle a serious product liability claim on your own. Don't delay taking action. Contact our law firm today.

The common types of product liability claims include manufacturing defect cases, design defect cases and cases in which there were insufficient instructions or warnings, such as a dangerous drug that does not list certain side effects. Whatever type of product liability case or claim you have, contact us. We will fight for your rights.

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Product liability cases can be very confusing. Often, what might seem like a straightforward case can quickly become very complicated. That's why it's critical you have an experienced, results-driven lawyer who puts people first. Our client-focused approach begins with your first meeting with us. We meet for free with every person who wants to hire us to serve as his or her Wilmington product liability lawyer. During your free evaluation, we will listen to you and give you honest advice on what's the best course of action.

We don't waste people's time. We realize your product liability case is important, and we want to be up front with you right at the beginning. If you choose to hire us, you can rely on us to work tirelessly to build a rock-solid case with one goal in mind: to get you the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Take your case to the next level. Contact us. Get Flexner. We're serious. Call 1-800-FLEXNER (800-353-9637).

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Satisfield Client - by Anna Rabito June 28, 2013
5/5 stars
Since the day I agreed to be represented by Rich at Flexner Law Firm I had confidence that my personal injury case would be handled with utmost respect and knowledge of the law. I got all that plus some. So I'll close by saying this, Flexner Law Firm and Associates are my heroes. They fought hard for my rights and we won.