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Football Season Car Accidents a Risk in Wilmington

In Wilmington, NC, many residents enjoy watching college and professional football games. There are many pro and college teams to enjoy, including the North Carolina Tar Heels, the Carolina Panthers, NC State's Wolfpack, Duke Blue Devils, and the North Carolina Central Eagles. For fans of any of these teams, or other teams in the area, attending games or football parties is a fun way to spend an afternoon or evening. football-1199159

There is a problem, though: many people who attend football events will drink while watching the game, and some will drink and drive. The result of this is an increased risk of drunk driving car accidents on football game days. Innocent victims could end up getting hurt or losing their lives because football fans have too much to drink and cause harm. Football watchers need to understand the risks and make safe choices so this does not happen, while victims need to understand their rights if collisions happen.

There is a strong connection between enjoying football and drinking, although of course not every fan drinks. Bloomberg reports when people attend football games, one out of every 10 attendees will end up being legally intoxicated before the game is over.  Since some of these people who are at the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit or higher will drive home, these game attendees could end up significantly increasing car accident risks.

Among people who go to tailgating parties, there is an even greater likelihood of becoming intoxicated during the football game. Those who go to tailgating parties have a 14 times greater likelihood of being intoxicated as compared with other football game attendees.  Many tailgating fans engage in binge drinking, with 25 percent of tailgaters saying they consume no less than five drinks during the football tailgate party. People who have this much to drink would be extremely dangerous if they got behind a wheel.

Anyone who is planning to attend a football game and drink needs to make the responsible choice not to let their afternoon of fun turn into a potential tragedy. There are plenty of alternatives to drinking and driving, from getting a ride with a designated driver to using a cab service or car sharing services. Unfortunately, once people start drinking, it is often difficult to make alternative plans to get home or people may not even think they need to find a ride since the alcohol impairs their judgment. Because of this, it is important for anyone who plans to drink while watching football to make advanced arrangements before the game for who can serve as a designated driver.

People who have football parties should also do their part by making sure there is something for designated drivers to drink and by stopping friends from driving if they have consumed too much.

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