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How Wilmington Drivers Can Get Medical Bills Paid After a Rear-End Crash

A rear-end crash can lead to costly bills for medical treatment. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates fatal crashes cost more than $30 million per year in medical expenditures within the state of North Carolina. Non-fatal rear-end collisions can also lead to significant expenditures for emergency medical care, rehabilitation, and ongoing medical assistance. Collision victims need to understand how they can get their medical bills paid. money-matters-1173105

Advice for Getting Medical Bills Paid After a Rear-End Crash

In North Carolina, drivers have to buy bodily injury liability coverage, property damage liability coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, and underinsured motorist coverage.  The state is a fault state, which means victims of collisions are supposed to make claims against the bodily injury liability coverage of the driver who caused a crash. This insurer should pay for not just medical bills, but also loss of wages, pain and suffering, and other economic and non-financial losses. If the at-fault driver didn't have enough insurance or had no insurance, underinsured and uninsured policies kick in.

In rear-end crashes, the driver who is in the front car is almost always able to prove the rear driver caused the accident. There is a presumption the rear driver was at fault for failing to leave enough space to stop before striking the lead car. This means the rear driver may not have auto insurance coverage for medical bills since he's considered to blame for the accident, and his insurer will likely have to compensate victims in the front car for all losses.  There are some limited cases where rear drivers can prove a driver in the front car was at least partly at fault, but these claims are very difficult.

Although the driver in the front car should be able to get bills paid by the insurer of the driver in the rear car, sometime this is easier said than done. American Association for Justice published a report highlighting the worst insurance companies in the country and describing all of the ways in which these large insurance providers try to avoid paying out the claims they are supposed to. Victims of collisions who try to get compensation can expect to face complicated claims processes, needless delays, lowball settlement offers, pressure from insurers to settle quickly, and aggressive litigation tactics if they decide to try to fight for full and fair compensation.

Victims of crashes need to understand their rights and make sure they do everything possible during the claims process to try to get their medical bills paid after a rear-end accident. This can include hiring an attorney to represent them during settlement negotiations with the insurer and to advise them on how much their car accident claims should be worth.  Detailed documentation both of the cause of the accident and of the extent of the injuries sustained by collision victims will also be very important to getting medical bills fully covered by responsible insurers.

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