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Motorcycle Passengers Can Hold Drivers Accountable for North Carolina Accidents

Wilmington motorcycle accident attorneyA 34-year-old North Carolina woman was killed in a motorcycle accident recently on the 1200 block of Independence Boulevard. WBTV reported on the tragic accident, which occurred shortly before 2:30 AM. The victim was a passenger on the back of a Can Am Spyder motorcycle driven by a 44-year-old man. The man driving the motorcycle was allegedly speeding and was intoxicated at the time of the accident.

The reports from the scene of the accident indicate the man who was driving the Can Am Sypder hit the back of another motorcycle. After the passenger flew off, the motorcycle continued to travel until it hit a concrete barrier. The passenger was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver was arrested and was charged with felony death by motor vehicle, involuntary manslaughter, driving while impaired, and driving a motorcycle without a motorcycle endorsement on his license.

These criminal charges are separate from any civil wrongful death claims which the family members of the deceased victim may wish to pursue against the motorcycle driver.

When a motorcycle accident occurs and someone gets hurt or is killed, substantial financial losses are routinely suffered. Medical costs are common if a victim survives a motorcycle accident or receives treatment for crash injuries which subsequently turn out to be fatal.

Victims or their families may also experience pain and discomfort, as well as emotional distress following a crash. If a victim is killed, the family of the victim experiences a loss of the relationship and companionship of the person who is now deceased.

Finally, if injuries cause time off from work, reduce earning potential, or are fatal; the victim or his family are denied the income which would have been earned if the accident had not happened.

These losses can become substantial and victims need to determine if it is possible to pursue a case. A civil personal injury claim can be filed to obtain monetary payment for damages caused by the crash as long as it can be proved a defendant in the civil case was responsible for the collision.

In the case of the most recent accident, early evidence indicates the driver of the motorcycle was likely the one whose negligence was responsible for causing the accident. When a passenger is on a motorcycle and the driver of that motorcycle engages in unsafe driving behavior, like drinking and speeding, the passenger can typically file an injury claim against the motorcycle driver. Claims may also be made by both passengers and motorcycle drivers against other motorists whose actions caused or contributed to a motorcycle accident.

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