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North Carolina Boating Accident Causes Death & Serious Injury

Wilmington personal injury lawyersThis time of year is prime time for boating in North Carolina as residents get out to enjoy the beautiful weather. Unfortunately, with more boats on the water, the chances of a boating accident increase. Boating accidents can often cause serious injuries or even be deadly, especially if boaters are intoxicated or speeding at the time of the accident.


Our Wilmington boat accident attorneys know that many of the deaths that result from boating accidents occur as a result of boaters who engage in high-risk behaviors. Boaters need to drive in a responsible way, exercise reasonable precautions when out on the water, and remember to wear life jackets at all times in order to minimize the chances of devastating injuries or death after a boat crash.


North Carolina Boating Accident A Grim Reminder of Boating Dangers


While most everyone knows that boat safety is important, some boaters still take dangerous risks on the waterways. One recent tragic accident was a sad reminder of the serious consequences of dangerous boating behavior.


According to WWAY TV3, two 14-16 foot john boats were traveling on the Northeast Cape Fear River in North Carolina when a deadly accident occurred. Witnesses indicate that both boats were traveling at very high speeds when the boats collided with each other.


Unfortunately, the boats were going so fast that witnesses indicate that one of the boats ripped the other one to shreds. Nearby neighbors and others who observed the accident attempted to come to the aid of those on the boat, but tragically the high-speed crash proved fatal. The accident resulted in the death of one woman aboard a boat, who was a mother of two. Another man in the accident who was believed to be the deceased woman's husband was also severely injured.


Since the crash was very recent, a full investigation is currently underway to determine who was to blame for the accident and the resulting deaths. However, witnesses indicate that excessive speed definitely played a role in causing the crash. Speeding has apparently been a problem for years in the area, prompting residents who live near the river to petition the county to put in a no-wake zone. The county, however, declined to do so and nearby residents indicate that the area is not frequently patrolled to ticket speeding boaters.


When boaters go too fast or otherwise take dangerous risks, this can create a dangerous situation for everyone. The dangerous curved area, the absence of patrols and the speeding boaters in this tragic accident were a recipe for disaster.


Avoiding Boating Accidents


Anyone out enjoying the waters of North Carolina this summer needs to be aware of the serious risks and needs to do everything possible to prevent such accidents from happening. This not only includes driving at a safe speed and driving sober, but it also includes added safety precautions such as wearing life jackets at all times.


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