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Preventing Intersection Accidents in Wilmington

Wilmington auto accident attorneyAccidents at intersections are among the most common types of crashes which occur on the roads. Many of these accidents are T-bone or side impact crashes when one motorist goes straight through an intersection and the side of his vehicle is hit by someone turning or coming from a perpendicular direction.  Side-impact accidents can be among the most dangerous car crashes on the road, but there is a risk of injury in all types of intersection accidents.

In most intersection crashes, a critical error on the part of the driver is the cause of the crash. Motorists can reduce the chances of an intersection accident by taking reasonable precautions and following safe driving tips.

Reducing Intersection Crash Risks

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 40 percent of all motor vehicle accidents in the United States occur at intersections. Of these accidents, driver error is the cause of 96 percent of collisions. The actual environmental conditions play a critical role in causing less than three percent of collisions at intersections.

There are six key critical errors drivers make which result in intersection accidents including:

  • Inadequate surveillance. Failing to look and see if other motorists are coming accounts for 44.1 percent of accidents which occur at intersections.
  • Making a false assumption regarding what other drivers will do. This is the cause of 8.4 percent of intersection accidents.
  • Turning into the intersection despite the fact their view of oncoming traffic is obstructed. This is the cause of 7.8 percent of intersection collisions.
  • Making an illegal maneuver. Violating driving laws is the cause of 6.8 percent of intersection collisions.
  • Misjudging the gap, assuming there is time to clear the intersection before another driver approaches. This is the cause of 5.5 percent of intersection crashes.

These intersection crash causes differ dramatically from other crash causes. For example, aggressive driving or speeding is the number one cause of other crash types, accounting for 22.8 percent of accidents not at intersections. Aggressive driving is not even in the top six when it comes to causes of collisions at intersections.

Drivers should make sure they are aware of common causes of intersection accidents and should do their best to avoid causing injury to themselves or others. RSI Insurance Brokers has some safety tips for the prevention of intersection accidents, including:

  • Driving defensively.
  • Assuming other motorists approaching the intersection may not obey traffic control signals.
  • Allowing plenty of time to clear intersections before entering.
  • Using extra caution at uncontrolled intersections, especially at down or at dusk.
  • Paying careful attention to road signs before approaching intersections so you know what the flow of traffic will be.
  • Checking cars have cleared before entering an intersection after waiting at a red light.

If motorists are more careful of their behavior at intersections, hopefully the overall rate of car crashes could decline dramatically since collisions at intersections account for such a large overall number of accidents.

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