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Which Cars Protect Wilmington Drivers in T-Bone Accidents?

Wilmington auto accident attorneyWhen you approach an intersection, always yield the right-of-way if it is not your turn. Obey traffic signals, but don't always assume other drivers are also going to do so. Watch carefully to see what all other motorists are doing, especially those on cross-streets. An experienced T-Bone collision lawyer knows these safety measures are necessary to avoid one of the road's deadliest crashes: a side-impact collision.

One of the most common types of car accidents, T-Bone accident is so named because a striking car from across street hits the side of a vehicle going straight. The striking car hits at a perpendicular angle, and the two cars form a "T."

You cannot prevent a driver from disobeying a traffic rule and entering an intersection, although you can hold him accountable in a civil lawsuit for resulting losses or damages. While you can't control the other motorist's actions, you can reduce the chances of being seriously hurt or killed by purchasing a car with good crash test ratings.

A Car With Good Crash Test Ratings Could Save Your Life

A number of different crash test rating systems exist. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is one organization assessing vehicle safety features and determining if cars are effective at protecting occupants. Since 2003, IIHS has been conducting assessments of how well cars perform in side-impact or T-Bone collisions.

IIHS conducts testing on vehicles with recommended safety features, including side airbags, torso protection, and head protection. The vehicle undergoing testing is "struck" by a barrier used to represent a pickup or SUV hitting the side of the car.

IIHS measures the level of intrusion, or how far the barrier went into the compartment where passengers are located. The side panel of most vehicles is not very strong or thick, so has little ability to prevent intrusion into the car's passenger compartment. The side panel also cannot absorb much force of the collision, so the full force of the impact is transferred to the bodies of vehicle occupants in a side-impact crash.

IIHS also measures injury levels in crash test dummies. Different categories of injuries are assessed, including injuries to the head and neck, the shoulders and torso, and the pelvis and legs. Based on the level of intrusion and extent of injuries, vehicles receive a rating of poor to marginal to acceptable to good.

If you are driving a car rated "good," there is a 70 percent reduced chance you will die when your car is hit from the left side, compared to driving a car rated poor. If you are in a car with a rating of acceptable, there is a 64 percent reduced chance of death when hit from the side compared to being in a car rated poor.

As you shop for your next vehicle, consider choosing a car with a good crash test rating. In 2009, 27 percent of fatal accidents on the road were side-impact crashes. The death toll could be reduced if more cars had better safety features for side-impact accidents.

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