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Speeding Deaths More Likely on Local Roads Than Highways

Wilmington auto accident attorneySpeeding is often overlooked as one of the leading causes of traffic fatalities. And yet, according to the National Transportation Safety Board, auto accidents involving speeding were responsible for more than 112,500 deaths on the roads of the United States between 2005 and 2014. This is almost equivalent to the number of people who died in alcohol-related car accidents during that same time period. Unfortunately, speeding has not received anywhere near the attention, media coverage, or activism afforded to the campaign against drunk driving. Speeding does not face the crucial social stigma that has helped to curb drunk driving in recent years.

Victims of speeding-related accidents often sustain serious, and even fatal, injuries. 

Recovering damages for speed-related crashes is made easier when you consult with an experienced injury lawyer. A driver who violates the speed limit is breaching his or her duty of care to other motorists, which is the first prong that must be proven in any negligence lawsuit.

Patrolling Local Roads

Consumer Affairs reports that speeding-related fatalities are more than three times more likely to occur on local roads than on highways. Because of this, the National Transportation Safety Board is encouraging state, county, municipal, and other local governments to set and enforce stricter speeding laws. Speeding and speeding-related accidents are also more likely to occur in areas which do not use photo enforcement programs.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information published a longitudinal review of studies which measured the efficacy of automated enforcement technology programs. Of 28 studies reviewed, every single one reported a lower number of crashes after implementation of a speed enforcement technology program. Bloomberg reports that such technologies are widely acknowledged to be an effective deterrent to speeding, but that they are currently only used in fourteen states and the District of Columbia. Their efficacy has caused the National Transportation Safety Board to recommend that states remove laws which prohibit the use of such technologies.   

While local laws and photo enforcement are important steps to deterring speeding, the real change will only come when individual drivers accept personal responsibility for changing unsafe driving habits.

What You Can Do To Avoid Speeding-Related Accidents

The reason photo enforcement technologies are so effective is that they hold drivers accountable for their driving behaviors. Help the drivers in your life stay safe on the roads of North Carolina:

  • Don’t hesitate to speak up when you are a passenger in a speeding vehicle. While no one likes to be thought of as a “backseat driver," an awkward conversation could make the difference between life and death.
  • Help young drivers learn good driving habits from the start. Begin modelling safe driving for children even before they are old enough to drive. Monitor teens carefully when they first begin driving, and deter them from speeding before it can become a habit. Enforce family driving rules through supervised driving sessions.
  • Allow yourself plenty of time to arrive at your destination, so you will be less tempted to speed along your route.
  • Never engage with aggressive drivers who cut you off, tailgate, or otherwise try to make you speed up. Simply allow the other vehicle plenty of space to move past you.  

Protect your legal rights with the legal advice of an experienced Wilmington car accident attorney. Injury victims are entitled to be fairly compensated for their injuries and losses.

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