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Truck Accident Risks on Interstate 140 or Interstate 40

Wilmington truck accident attorneyInterstate 40 and Interstate 140 are two primary roadways helping connect North Carolina with other states throughout the country. Interstate 40 is the third longest interstate in the U.S. It runs east to west and spans much of the south central part of the United States. Its westernmost end is found in Barstow, California, where I-40 connects with Interstate 15. Its easternmost end is in North Carolina, terminating where U.S. Route 117 and North Carolina 132 come together.

Interstate 140 is an auxiliary interstate highway, providing an incomplete bypass allowing motorists to get around Wilmington. When completed, the bypass will provide a direct route between I-40 and the Grand Strand.

Both of these highways are heavily traveled, and not just by locals, but also by large commercial trucks moving goods and raw materials throughout the United States. Unfortunately, this means these interstates are the site of many truck accidents. If you become involved in a truck collision, you need a local attorney with truck accident experience and significant resources.

Truck Accidents on Interstate 40 and 140

Interstate 40 is also known as the Sam Hunt Freeway in North Carolina. Many trucks travel I-40, as it merges with Interstate 85 and connects North Carolina to other major thoroughfares. In North Carolina, I-40 actually violates interstate standards because it has two unmarked at-grade crossings, as well as one marked crossing at grade.

Speed limits can vary on I-40. In most locations, the maximum speed limit is 70 MPH. However, in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, motorists traveling on I-40 can travel at a speed of 75 MPH. Since the road passes through multiple states, adjusting to different speeds can be a challenge for truckers and other motorists.

To avoid accidents, drivers need to be aware of the risk of the at-grade crossings, as well as the different speed limits at various parts of I-140 and I-40. These roadways can be especially dangerous for people travelling in smaller passenger cars as they will encounter many large trucks. In just the last year alone, there have been countless truck accidents including an overturned truck which closed down I-140, a rollover of a military 18-wheeler carrying ammunition; and a head-on collision involving a semi-truck on I-40.

Whenever truck accidents happen on these interstates, or on any other interstate, it becomes important for victims to understand their rights. Pursuing claims against truckers and trucking companies could make it possible for victims to be compensated for losses when a truck driver is responsible. Trucking companies and insurers have experience and the best legal help available on their side. Accident victims need a law firm with the personal injury and wrongful death litigation experience to stand up and fight for what is right.

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