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Upgrades Planned for Busy Wilmington Intersections

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A Wilmington car accident lawyer explains what local drivers should know

Numerous intersection improvement projects have been slated for Wilmington, North Carolina, according to a recent WECT News 6 story. Local officials requested the improvements due to the city’s recent dramatic population increase. One recent study by United Van Lines found that people moved to Wilmington more than any other city in the country in 2020, according to another WECT News 6 story.

In response, Wilmington city officials asked the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) to make planned improvements to several of the city’s busiest intersections as soon as possible. That’s because city officials fear that increased traffic congestion could result in more injury-causing car accidents.

Where will Wilmington's intersection upgrades take place?

City and state officials have been planning to make many intersection upgrades in Wilmington for years. Such upgrades have been slated for the following Wilmington intersections:

  • Military Cutoff & Eastwood Road – This is a two-phase project involving construction of the Drysdale Drive Extension and building a bridge to alleviate traffic on Eastwood Road and Military Cutoff.
  • College Road & Oleander Drive – The project involves expanding the number of lanes on Parkway Drive, which serves as an unofficial cut-through for drivers trying to avoid the College & Oleander intersection.
  • Martin Luther King Parkway & College Road – This project involves building an overpass at the Tight Urban Diamond Interchange in order to alleviate traffic at the College Road and MLK Parkway intersection.
  • Martin Luther King Parkway & Market Street – The project involves a Single Point Urban Interchange, which will allow drivers on MLK Parkway to travel on a bridge over Market Street.
  • Carolina Beach Road & College Road – NCDOT is planning a continuous flow intersection similar to one at Village Road in Leland.
  • Martin Luther King Parkway & Kerr Avenue – This project involves building an overpass and bridge designed to allow drivers on Kerr Avenue to travel over MLK Parkway without stopping.
  • NC 211 Widening in Brunswick County – NCDOT will spend $217 million to widen NC 211 from Midway Road (NC 906) to NC 87.

Common causes of intersection accidents

Intersection accidents often occur due to increased traffic congestion. The more drivers on the road, the more likely accidents will happen at such intersections. But that’s not the only reason why these types of collisions occur. Many times, it’s because one driver breaks the law or behaves in a reckless or negligent manner.

Specific examples of negligent driving include:

  • Running a red light or not stopping at a stop sign. This often results in a broadside accident or head-on collision with severe and sometimes fatal injuries.
  • Distracted driving, especially motorists who are using their cellphones and/or texting while driving.
  • Speeding. Reckless drivers who race through intersections can crash into other motorists who are turning.
  • Drivers under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

These are just some of the reasons why intersection accidents happen in Wilmington. Whatever the cause of your collision, make sure you fully understand your legal rights and options before you talk to an insurance company. Make sure you talk to an experienced car accident attorney right away.

Injured in an intersection crash? Don't let an insurance company lowball you

You might think you don’t need an attorney if another driver clearly hits you, but the reality is proving fault in an intersection accident isn't as easy as you might think. With lines of cars, trucks, and motorcycles entering and exiting the crossing from different directions, an intersection can be chaotic. And when a crash happens, it may not be obvious who's responsible. That's why you need the right evidence to support your claim, and that's why you need an experienced car accident lawyer to handle your case.

At the Law Offices of Richard Flexner in Wilmington, our car accident attorneys know how to investigate crashes, gather and preserve critical pieces of evidence, and build a strong case on your behalf that gets results.

Learn more about how our law firm can help you. Contact us today to schedule your free case evaluation with a Wilmington car accident lawyer you can trust to fight for the compensation you deserve.

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