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North Carolina Car Accident Lawyer Comments on Daycare Bus Accident

A recent accident involving a daycare school bus caused by a driver with a revoked license illustrates how potentially dangerous accidents involving school buses can be, according to North Carolina car accident attorney Richard Flexner of The Law Offices of Richard Flexner in Wilmington, N.C.

"As a new school year begins, this recent accident reminds us just how important safe driving habits are in order to prevent accidents involving school children on a bus," Flexner said. "This accident never should have happened. The driver charged with causing the accident allegedly ran a red light and allegedly didn't have a valid driver's license. Fortunately, none of the children on the bus were hurt in the accident."

The accident occurred around 7:30 a.m. on Sept. 14 at the corner of Dawson and 5th streets in Wilmington, according to WWAY TV 3 News, which covered the accident.

According to the WWAY 3 News story, a Childcare Network bus carrying six children was hit by a vehicle at the intersection. The driver of the bus and the car that caused the accident were taken to a hospital with minor injuries, but none of the children were hurt. The driver who caused the crash was also charged with a red light violation and driving with a revoked driver's license, according to WWAY 3 News.

Accidents involving school buses often result in serious injuries or even fatalities. Recently, 2 students were killed and 3 were injured in a fatal bus accident in Texas, according to a KHOU News report.

That's why it's critical that all drivers do everything they can to avoid accidents with school buses, according to attorney Flexner. "School buses often don't have the same protections as cars, trucks and other vehicles," Flexner said. "Often, children riding on school buses do not wear seatbelts while traveling on a bus. Maybe that should change. Maybe school buses should start buckling up kids just in case accidents happen. Because the reality is, no matter how safe school bus drivers are, other reckless drivers can just as easily cause an accident."

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